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R is for Reptilians

We live in the so called 'enlightened' era. It's the 21st century now and we are just a few short steps away from putting a man on Mars. We're looking at travelling to other stars or, at the very least, at finding better and clearer ways ways to look at them so it may come as a surprise to some of you to learn that, in this 'enlightened' age, there remains a contingent of the human population who actually believe that our planet is infested with alien creatures known as reptilians According to David Icke , the creator of the reptilian legend, these reptilians came to us from the constellation of 'Draco'. It is not said exactly which star in this system they originated from nor how they came to spontaneously exist as a unified race over such a gargantuan area but it is told that, at some point, they took up residence in a series of tunnels beneath the surface of the earth and have been manipulating mankind since the dawn of civilisation under the auspic