The Little Light

We've kept a flashlight under the table in our bedroom for a long time. It's one of those monster-sized lights for emergencies and on the top of it is a smaller second light. It had been under that table a long time without incident and then one night we realized the little light was on, casting a pale wash of blue light up the wall in that corner. Slightly creepy but not a big deal and we turned it off. The next night it was on again. And the next. At this point we teased each other that our oldest cat, who had passed away that month at the age of 18, was turning it on. As she wasn't usually allowed in the bedroom we thought she would consider it good fun to spend some of her afterlife in there. The light stopped turning on and things were back to normal. 

Some time later our second oldest cat passed away (also 18 by then) and within a few days the light was on. The Rational Human Reaction kicked in at that point. Perhaps it had been on more than we realized and we just hadn't noticed it. Perhaps something had changed and we were bumping the table somehow and not realizing it. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. We discovered it turned on a few more times over the next two weeks and then, again, the light stopped turning on. We laughed nervously to ourselves and blamed it on the deceased kitties. But then things were back to normal.

Last week a third kitty passed away, one who came to us in her old age and didn't have an 18 year history with us. Last night the little light was on again.


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