H is for Horoscopes

Horoscope SymbolsAlmost everyone loves to read their "horoscope" in the local paper. But based on the way astrology works, knowing your sun sign isn't much more specific than in biology identifying that you're a human, in that it rules out a lot of things - not an elephant, not an ant - but there are certainly a lot of details that we think make us much more unique than that.

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Symbol for Cancer
If you're curious about your detailed horoscope you can get a free account at astro.com. They have some detailed interpretations available for fees, but you can also run a chart and see some basic interpretations for free. You just need to know when (to the minute) and where (city) you were born.

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Graphic Wheel
What you will find is that although a sun sign is important (kind of like saying you're a human is very defining in some ways), there are a myriad of other things going on. What sign is each of your planets in? What house (slice of the pie on the wheel) is each planet in? What sign falls on each house? What are the "aspects" of how the planets are organized around the wheel? Then, taking all those things into account, what are the overarching themes?

For instance, my chart illustrates a friction between the rather serious influence of strong Capricorn/Scorpio positions and the absolute foolishness of my Moon (emotional core) in Sagittarius (the lucky gypsy) in the 11th house (the home of the iconoclast). What are the patterns in your horoscope?

Sue London is a writer, blogger, and doodlist who knows more about astrology than any normal human. A long time ago she wrote this poem about it. Check out what she's up to by visiting her Sueniverse.

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  1. I find horoscopes interesting, even if I don't think they are truthful all the time. They are interesting to read though and maybe just to see what will happen in the future.


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