G is for Ghosts

Haunted: Ghost StoriesWhat do Charles Dickens and Grant Wilson have in common? Ghost hunting, of course! Dickens was a member of London's "The Ghost Club" and Grant is part of the famous Ghost Hunters duo on SyFy.

Deluxe Ghost Hunting Kit
Ghost Hunting Kit
Across cultures and history there has been a strong belief that some part of us lives on after we die - our spirit, essence, financial debt - something. While some people claim they can see ghosts, still others of us believe there could be ghosts but are reliant on equipment like cameras, audio recorders, and other sensors in our attempt to pick something up from the afterlife.

Unsolved Mysteries: GhostsIt's hard to say, though, where the truth ends and the human love of a good story begins. Who hasn't
spent a long, dark night with friends telling ghost stories to each other? Sometimes we feel a need, or at a desire, to scare the bejeezus out of ourselves and others. We flock to horror movies, keep Stephen King living in style, and pour billions of dollars into Halloween. We WANT to be scared.

But just because we want the thrill of fear doesn't mean that ghosts don't exist. It is harder to discount ghosts when you have either had a haunting experience yourself or know someone who has a detailed and rational account. So, have a story to share?

Sue London is a writer, blogger, and doodlist who has two ghosts hanging out in her house. She thinks she picked them up at Disney's Haunted Mansion. Check out what she's up to by visiting her Sueniverse.

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